Family is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Is it possible that your family members think less of you? Do you still keep in touch with them, or do you ask them to pack their bags and leave? When she was deciding whether to keep putting up with her family nonsense or put an end to it, she had to think through this.

A 19-year-old woman decided to share her family situation with other people online to find out if she was wrong for making her mom and brother homeless.


If your family is a bunch of people who drive you crazy, what is the point of loving your family?


The young woman shared that she lost her father to cancer and that she and her family home. 10k was left for her mother and brother. The narrator said that she and her brother don’t share the same father.


A young woman asked people if she was right to sell the house she inherited because she couldn’t live with her family anymore.

The daughter didn’t mind that her mom was still acting like she was the owner of the house. When her brother and his girlfriend moved in, the situation got worse. The 19-year-old wanted them out because they were known to be rude.


The woman said that she has lived with her family since her father’s death.


She said that there is a lot of tension between her brother and his girlfriend because they aren’t the easiest people.

They all found out that her brother’s girlfriend was pregnant. This decision made the young woman’s life unbearable and made the situation even harder. The woman was able to take advantage of her situation because her SIL would eat her food or make her go to Mcdonald’s.


After the girlfriend announced that she was pregnant, they couldn’t be asked to leave.


The woman shared the situation that was the last straw and made her look for ways to end her misery.

When the woman got home from work after a long day, she wanted to make herself a meal. After leaving her food to cool, she came back and saw that her husband was already eating her food. She made her brother’s girlfriend cry because she was so angry. They all had a fight, which led to the escalation of the issue.


The uncle offered to buy the house from the woman and evict her family.


The user wants to know if she is doing the right thing by thinking about this option.

The woman said that her uncle wanted to evict her and her family from the house. She thought that maybe this is the way out of having her family around, who is using her and not taking her opinion into account. The young woman who is brave enough to stand up for herself was supported by a lot of people online.

What’s your take on this situation?


The woman was reassured that she was right to stick up for her.


Some users shared pieces of advice on how the narrator should act.