This list comprises of true statements that are incorrect. There are similar posts at r/technicallytrue.


1. It might happen to you as well.


2. It’s not rocket science.


3. Where’s the yacht though?


4. The true definition of a scam.


5. Grandma isn’t lying at all.


6. Impossible to beat the results.


7. A risky answer indeed.


8. Didn’t even get a chance to try.


9. It definitely sounds cool, navigating like pirates.


10. Nailed it!


11. “Silver linings”.


12. It all makes sense now.


13. Living with a clean slate be like.


14. Very “punny”.


15. Seems very “meta”.


16. An early adopter. Moses.


17. Not even a single lamb.


18. Would be the last place they would take a look.


19. “Checks out”.


20. Will be a night to remember.


21. Cats are not even close to being humans.


22. The “laundry poems”.


23. A very talented designer.


24. It’s just mostly Ravioli.


25. Gotta spend more of that time on the computer!


26. iPhone finally comes in handy.


27. They get it, after all.