When you bring in a dog at your house, you know that they will turn into your entire world someday. They are your best companions and they will be by your side till the end. But it is hard to see them struggle when they are suffering in their life. You cannot express in words what that feeling is like when you have to put your loyal pal to rest. Sometimes, it is for their best. The pain is unbearable and to see them in such conditions is miserable.

Jenny-Jinya shared an extremely emotional comic on the Internet about the concept of how it is important to be with your pets in their last moments. Scroll down to check out these emotional and heartfelt comics shared by the artist.


The boy worriedly keeps on looking at the clock, dreading the appointment with the vet. In the meantime, he engages in a heartbreaking conversation with the dog asking him if he knows what will happen and seeks validation from his beloved pet if he is doing the right thing. Sadly, the dog does not respond indicating he is too sick to even move or give his owner any sign.

The boy takes the leash off from the hook for the last time and fakes a forced smile as he says, ‘Time to go bud’. The doggo battered with illness comes with his favourite toy fish in the mouth. The forced smile fades away from the boy and the hurt in his eyes becomes evident as he says, ‘You can’t always take your..’ but stops mid-sentence as he did not have the heart to continue the sentence and allows the doggo to bring the toy fish as he remembers it doesn’t matter as the dog won’t be coming back home. The dog forgets about his illness momentarily as he looks at his owner with utmost love.

Realizing it is his last car ride with his doggo, tears flow down his cheeks. Suddenly he remembers that he has to put up a brave front for his pet. So, he wipes off his tears and pats his dog with a ‘Good boy’. The gloomy doggo instantly gets taken over by love and smiles with happiness as his owner pats him with love.

The boy signs the official papers with a heavy heart. He then stares into nothingness as he re-evaluates his decision of euthanizing his dog. His train of thought is interrupted by someone saying ‘Mr Yaten, please’. The person reminds Yaten it is the right decision and he shouldn’t make it hard for himself and the dog. In that heart-wrenching moment, the boy embraces the dog and promises him that he will never leave him alone! Knowing fully well that he just signed the papers that will take him away from the dog. Both the boy and the doggo are shown to be entering room lit with white light together! We all know only one is going to come out of it!

Yaten pats the doggo, doggo relishes this with closed eyes and a smile. This sight causes the tears to well in Yaten’s eyes and he hugs his precious beloved doggo one last time. He reassures doggo, that they will meet again as the doggo is now sitting on his death bed, quite literally. Doggo never let go of the toy fish, it is in his mouth till the last moment.

The boy apologizes to his dead dog for being unable to take the fish toy along with him. To this, the soul of the departed dog says it was always meant for the boy to have it after he was gone because he might need it to deal with the separation. AW, our heart! The boy hugs the fish toy and cries uncontrollably.

Jenny in her interview with the Hiptoro shared details about the comic and why she felt the need to make it and what message she intends to give out.

“I saw my own dog in this comic and it was often incredibly difficult for me. I was rarely so relieved that a comic was finished. But I wanted this topic to be talked about more.”

“Let it see its friends again, let it eat its favourite food. Let it know it is loved above all else. And then escort it to its last stop, make sure that the last voice it hears is yours.”

She blessed our eyes with her adorablest dog!

Jenny’s work is unique because of how she represents the ‘grim reaper’ as the ‘kind reaper’ in all her comics.

Her comics includes many other animals as well. She sheds light on some important issues through her comics like the endangered animals.

All of the comics give out some deep messages and are simply beautiful!

As aforementioned, her comics about real issues make her different than others. Here is this one about Australian bush fires!