OnePlus 7 Pro iPhone XS Samsung Galaxy S10 comparison

The flagship killer OnePlus 7 Pro just beat Samsung and Apple in the most practical comparison test ever

OnePlus finally unveiled its latest flagship killer OnePlus 7 Pro. The phone packs impressive hardware including a notch-less 90Hz display,

Apple vs. Qualcomm

Apple vs Qualcomm lawsuit: Legal battle worth billions

Apple and Qualcomm have been fighting a legal battle on many fronts in different countries since 2017. The heart of

Apple vs Qualcomm iPhone lawsuit Import Ban

Apple vs Qualcomm lawsuit: Will iPhone get banned?

Apple vs Qualcomm lawsuit has been a patent battle which is turning ugly as the years proceed. This decision was

OnePlus 7 : Features, Specs, Price and Leaks

OnePlus 7: Release Date, Specs, Price , 5G, And Leaks So Far

Yes, rumors are pointing that OnePlus is getting ready with all it’s glory for its 7th generation classic mobile device