Microsoft’s Surface series of devices are among the company’s bestselling hardware products. Microsoft, which is traditionally known for creating software products, has been expanding in the hardware markets over the past half a decade. The Surface Duo is their latest release – and it is a really interesting product, perhaps one of the most interesting ones from this years’ hardware launches from the company.

Microsoft Surface Duo Surface Phone Alternative
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The Duo is a foldable smartphone from Microsoft, which – surprise, surprise, is powered by Android! This is also the closest we’ll ever get to a Surface Phone – let us take a closer look at the Duo.

Microsoft Surface Duo: Everything We Know So Far

Microsoft’s Surface Duo foldable smartphone is technically neither a foldable device nor a smartphone. It is a dual-screen device, which Microsoft insists on not calling a phone! Some of the biggest advantages of the device come in terms of the size! You get double the space to do everything you’d usually do, but you can easily fold it and keep it in the same space as a regular smartphone.

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Microsoft Surface Duo Features
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The Surface Duo will come out in 2020 and there’s every chance that it will support 5G technologies as well. It is powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset and will be running on Android 9.0 upon launch.

Is This The Surface Phone: The Phone That Was Promised?

Microsoft Surface Phone
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The talks of a Surface Phone had been around for a really long time – and while we didn’t really see any major releases from Microsoft after the last of the Lumia phones, it seems that Microsoft is finally launching the Surface Phone, although in a completely different fashion than what most people expected it to be! The fact that it runs on Android has surprised everyone! It will be interesting to see how Surface Duo performs once it hits the markets in 2020.

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