Microsoft Surface Buds will release later this year

When we were thinking Amazon is cooking something up to enthrall its fans, it is actually not. The real snake charmer has turned out to be software giant Microsoft. While the rumor mills are churning out stories of Echo Pods, Surface Buds from Microsoft are making more noise than we can actually take in.

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The codename of the product is Morrison. It is likely that the name has been named after rock star Jim Morrison. Surface Buds are an in-ear solution on the lines of Microsoft’s Surface Headphones.

There is very little news about the Surface Buds. So telling you exactly what features it will have will be a bit outrageous. Though we know that it is likely to come with Cortana voice assistant and noise cancellation.

Surface buds: Microsoft has not released any official pictures

Tech experts claim that the new buds from Microsoft will boost interaction between the phone and the bud to make reading content easier. Images of the buds are not out yet. So the images you see of the device anywhere on the web they are all imaginary.

Surface Buds Release Date

The release date of the device is not known. However, it is likely that this product will be out later this year.

Price Prediction

It is obvious that the device will be priced in line with its competitors. Microsoft will, however, price it below its Surface Headphones, which is £329.99. We believe that Surface Buds will cost close to £150.