AirPods 2 Alternative Microsoft Surface Earbuds release date

As Apple released AirPods 2 earlier this year, a number of competitors started coming out with their own wireless earbuds. One of the biggest competitors to Apple in the world of Operating Systems, Microsoft is now preparing to compete with Apple in the hardware markets too.

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Microsoft is working towards developing wireless earbuds which will be among the best AirPods 2 alternative in the markets.

AirPods 2 Alternative Microsoft Surface Earbuds microsoft vs apple
Image: businessinsider

Let us take a closer look at these earbuds being developed by Microsoft, which are currently code-named ‘Morrison’.

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Microsoft’s Morrison: The Best AirPods 2 Alternative?

Morrison is most likely a set of wireless earbuds similar to the AirPods being designed by Microsoft. These earbuds from Microsoft will launch in October, along with the new Surface-series of devices. Microsoft introduced the Surface headphones last year – and this year, the company is likely to introduce ‘Morrison’.

AirPods 2 Alternative Microsoft Surface Earbuds
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The code-name is likely a tribute to Jim Morrison, the legendary singer from The Doors. Currently, the company has not announced this device. However, credible sources who have provided accurate leaks in the past are backing this up that Microsoft is indeed working towards creating an AirPods 2 alternative.

Microsoft’s Morrison: Features and Details

Interestingly, these earbuds will be more than just AirPods 2 alternative. Microsoft intends to use them as an accessibility device too, as one of the key features here will be to read stuff off a smartphone!

AirPods 2 Alternative Microsoft wireless Surface Earbuds
Image: businessinsider

Moreover, ‘Morrison’ will also feature Cortana integration, as well as noise cancellation! It will be interesting to see what this product looks like upon launch! Stay tuned with us for more.