Supernatural season 15 release date

Supernatural season 15 has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. Fans are already done with season 14 and now they are waiting for the next one. So, let’s take a look if there will be a Supernatural season 15. And you if there is, when will it release?

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Previously, there were some rumours going around that The CW TV will not renew Supernatural season 15. And of course, the fans did not take this well.

Supernatural season 15 release date

Will there be a Supernatural season 15?

Fortunately, yes. CW TV has officially announced that they will renew Supernatural for one more season. But, there will be a catch. The upcoming season would be the last season for the series.

The leads of the show, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles uploaded a video on Twitter. In that video, they announced their final.goodbye to the show.

Supernatural season 15 release date

Who is in the cast of the upcoming season?

All the previous cast members of the 14th season will return for the final one. The show runners have no plans of introducing any new characters in the last season. The main focus would be to end this show with a good conclusion. Fans can expect some good twists though

When will the last season of Supernatural release?

Supernatural season 15 release date
The CW TV has not yet announced an official release date. But, based on its release history, a new season usually airs sometime in late October. So, we can hope for an early release in October 2019.

The final season has been much awaited by now. So we are hoping that the last season will definitely answer a few questions. And also unlock some mysterious.