Season 3 of Stranger Things has done what many fans believed unimaginable. The third installment was launched on 4 July on Netflix. If you have not seen the series already, then there are some spoilers ahead.

Hopper died during Season 3 ending

Stranger Things Season 3 saw an end to a very important character of the series. Chief Hopper (David Harbour) has a fight with a Russian machine and disappeared thereafter. Does this mean that Chief Hopper is gone for good or we will get to see him again in the next installment?

Stranger Things season 4
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Many fans believe that they won’t get to see Hopper again. He even left an emotional letter for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and told her about his adopted daughter. It only makes sense if he is leaving the show. But Season 3’s post credit scene hinted at Hopper’s return.

Season 4 to show Hopper in Upside Down?

There is a possibility that he might have traveled to a different location, maybe the Upside Down as a consequence of the Russian machine. The Russian guards also mentioned that they have a prisoner who is an American. As per some sources, Hopper maybe alive and return to Indiana in Season 4. David Harbour (the actor who plays Hopper) also talked about the possibility of time travel. He said that the Upside Down seems like a fascinating concept.

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Stranger Things season 4
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But people have speculated online that it may be the future or it may be the past or it may have some time component. I love time travel movies. I would love to see time travel in it.

Harbour also mentioned that the things have to change for good, talking about his character’s death. So nothing is certain for now. Still, the fans are quite hopeful to see Hopper again.

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