Is this an instruction for motorists to drive slowly? Is it a reminder to the children or is it a description of the speed of children in the area?



One of the invitees leaked the dress code demands of this wife-to-be. The formal attire color scheme was more than ugly because it was assigned to people by weight categories. What happened after she found out about the leak? It wasn’t a wake-up call, I’ll give you a hint. If you don’t believe people can be so unreasonable, take a look at the bride who asked her guests to pay a certain amount for her wedding, making sure her wedding costs were fully covered by the participants.



If you were wondering what the demands were, here is the post she was talking about.


We decided to show what the guests are supposed to wear. Women weighing 100 to 160 lbs:


Men weighing 100-200 lbs.


After reading the whole thing, people were just speechless.


The guests response to the bride was later shared by someone.