Stephen King predicted the rise of Donald Trump in The Dead Zone

Stephen King, the author of the bestselling book, IT, unknowingly predicted the rise of Donald J. Trump in one of his books  ‘The Dead Zone.’

Stephen King unknowingly predicted the rise of Trump in The Dead Zone.

Stephen King: The Dead Zone

Stephen published ‘The Dead Zone’ way back in 1979. It was Stephen’s seventh novel at the time. He introduced the world to a character named Greg Stillson.

Stillson has some serious emotional issues. The novel starts off with Greg kicking a dog to death. He is also plagued with exaggerated selfish dreams.

Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone'

Greg starts off as a door-to-door Bible salesman who later on becomes the president of the United States of America. The main story revolves around two characters mainly, namely Greg Stillson – a megalomaniac filled with political ambitions and Johnny Smith – a psychic school teacher.

The book was a huge success. Later, it was nominated later on for the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 1980.

Three years later, David Cronenberg decided to make a movie out of it. Christopher Walken played Johnny Smith while Martin Sheen played Greg Stillson.

Similarities between Donald Trump and The Dead Zone

If you happen to go through the book, you would clearly see that both of them were political outsiders and no one took them seriously. They also talk about Right-wing America-First policies.

I was sort of convinced that it was possible that a politician would arise who was so outside the mainstream that he was willing to say anything that would capture the imaginations of the American people.

During a recent interview with NowThis, Stephen King was asked “Is the Trump presidency scarier than the protagonist of your book?” King said, “The short answer to that is yes.”

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