Starbucks, the popular coffee chain knows how to remain in the news. The coffee chain has been in the news after it announced the comeback of S’more Frappuccino and a new tropical Dragon Drink on its permanent menu.

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The Game of Thrones fans has been speculating that Dragon Drink might be related to the shows whose last season is being premiered.

Starbucks Magical Cups

The people are more excited about the brand new cups from the coffee chain that change color. The coffee giant has launched these reusable cups to counter the plastic garbage.

The cups are available in a pack of five with five different colors. The straws and lids are available in Rose, Citron, Sky, Apricot, and Teal.

The cups have got so popular among the Starbucks fans that they have gone out of stock in all major Starbucks stores. The shortage has happened in the USA and Canda.

People took to social media to share their disappointment after the shortage crisis of these color changing cups.

The Starbucks representative has confirmed that they are working to restore the stock of these colour changing cups.

How do they work?

These colour changing cups are temperature sensitive. If you pour beverage, depending on the temperature, these cups will change their colour in the following order.

The colour changes follow the given order: “Rose” to “Coral,” “Citron” to “Emerald,” “Teal” to “Raspberry,” “Apricot” to “Tangerine” and “Sky” to “Cobalt”.

Starbucks Cups

These cups can hold liquids up to 24 ounces and will cost you $16.95. However, the shortage of these cups and their demand has created a resell market. People are selling these cups at the staggering price of $90 to $100 USD.