Squid games soon became a major phenomenon on Netflix, and Streamer’s CEO recently suggested that it could be the largest series ever.

There are many reasons for the success of the K-drama, but they are great acting, social commentary, and, of course, surrealists who choose to kill children’s games to win big jackpots by 456 desperate people. Premises are included. Get rid of them from the sin of choking.

But with amazing works and many characters that have to make impossible decisions to survive, this series has undoubtedly impressed audiences in Korea and around the world.


1. Knives out and lights out for Sae-byeok.

In episode 8, only three people remain the main. Character Song Ki-hoon, rival Cho Sang-woo, and criminal Kang Se-byeok.

A strange deviation from the deliberately inappropriate grab that the player endured during the match, the last three being treated to a gorgeous steak meal. But when the “waiters” clean your table after your meal, they leave a knife for everyone.

We know it’s not good.

All three will return to the barracks, but it is unclear if they will abandon the other two and claim all prize money before the final round. However, Gi-hun notices that Sebyuk is slowly bleeding, hiding his serious injury, and kicks the human instinct to warn the guards and receive treatment.

While his attention is distracted, Sang kills her with a knife, leaving only two players for her final round. For the damaged but brave Se-byeok, going this far just to be killed by another player was still a painful stomach blow.


2. Oh il-nam’s loss in the marble game that’s murderous.

In Episode 6, Oh Ilnam teams up with Seong Gi-hoon to play a marble game where each pair of marbles can set their own rules, but players who run out of marbles have to face death.

It’s quite fair enough.

But in one of the more twisted developments, Seong took advantage of Oh il-nam’s apparent weakness and inability to think clearly and tricked him several times into giving up marbles until nothing was left.

It’s a catastrophic series of scenes, and Seong’s anguished anxiety becomes apparent every time he takes another old man’s marbles.

Not as physically serious as the other deaths of the Squid Game, but it’s the most psychologically demanding as we understand that even our heroes are willing to compromise to save their lives. It was one of the things.


3. Jun-ho cornered on a cliff.

An important subplot of the series is the invasion of an island facility by South Korean police officer Junho, who believes his missing brother may have been involved in the game as a contestant.
In a few episodes, Junho sneaks up, introduces himself as a guard, and reveals clues about the mysterious game and the potential behind it.

However, after finding some smoking guns and finally fleeing to the mainland, he was able to at least receive a clean cell phone signal and send the data to the headquarters, by the guards who tracked him. H noticed that he was in the corner of the edge of the cliff.

In the last battle, the game’s technocrat manager turned out to be his brother. He then calmly shoots his family to keep his game secret. Junho collapses after his (presumed) death on the rocky shore below. difficult.


4. Red light and green light.

In Episode 1, a wife and daughter move to the United States and meet gambling addict Seong Gi-hun, who is trying to leave him in the dust. But when he voluntarily plays for money to save himself, he ends up on a private island as the last of more than 400 participants trying to fight for their lives.

The first game based on “Red Light, Green Light” is enough until the person caught by the motion sensor after the announcement of “Red Light” realizes that not only will they lose the game, but they will also be eliminated. It begins to be tamed. For each machine gun.

This is not the most creative or horrifying failure in this dark series. But the shock and the total death toll of over 200 are enough to wonder how the program overcomes these atrocities. Don’t worry, boys and girls.


5. The big reveal.

In the ninth and final episode, it turns out that it’s probably the most beloved character, the conscience of the series, like Oh il-nam, who died during the marble game … well, he does. It turns out that he doesn’t actually die.

But before rejoicing, we also learn that this sweet old man is behind the whole murder venture that he started 30 years ago to entertain the rich. With terminal illness in real life, he had nothing to lose and he just played for fun.

And when Oh il-nam reveals the truth on his deathbed, we feel like all the previous warnings in the game that no one trusts suddenly sound terribly true. We can’t even trust our favorite character!

It’s not a tough death scene, but it can be a deep and deep cut to realize that a “good” character is actually a psychopath.


6. The revenge of Han Mi-nyeo on Deok-su.

In Episode 7, we’ll see how the remaining 16 players are trying to navigate the dangerous glass bridge.

But if the selfish Deok-su lands in front of the puck and don’t know which window to choose, he simply tells his brethren that someone else has to move them forward.

Of course, Deok-su didn’t believe that his short-lived and soon abandoned “girlfriend” Han Mi-nyeo finally had the opportunity to take revenge on her insults and betrayals.

And like a good avenger in such a dark world, she jumps into it for her last (and deliberately murderous) hug, eventually pushing them out of the platform and below their Drive to death. (Of course, she informed him of his masculinity … A bridge to where).

Quite romantic.


7. The bridge of glass.

In Episode 7, the remaining 16 players have to cross a strange bridge having glass plates. You’re scared, right? The worst part is: At each step, the player must choose from two glass plates. One can harden and support your weight, the other is not so much.

As a result, several players fall hundreds of feet under the hill and die. With the 16-minute time limit, players have to blindly move forward and have at least one roadmap behind, so bloody killings are only diminished by psychological tension (each player is numbered). Did we mention that you need to choose? Do you move forward without knowing the game?

The creativity that the final player reaches the other side is worth it.


8. The madness of the tug of war.

In Episode 5, the game is simple: tug of war. However, as players split into teams, most people are unaware that this will be one of their strengths, forcing Seong Gi-hun to work with weaker teams to develop strategies to win. Rescue is Oh-ilnam, who shares the secrets of tug of war that he learned as a child.

Seong Gi-hun’s team is one of the few that survived, but in the process of the collision, a weak team, all chained to a rope, hangs on the cliff before the guillotine-like blades release them and scatter. .. cement. Less than.

It’s one of the least creative games in the series, but it’s just as devastating to the unlucky player who couldn’t beat the other side.


9. The brawl of Squid Game.

By the time we reach the final episode, 454 people are dead, crushed, cremated, hanged, and otherwise abused.

The last two contestants will work on each other in the final “squid game”, eliminating everything else. This is a dark and somewhat complex children’s game popular in South Korea that includes squid-shaped borders and rules that include jumping on one foot at a particular point.

But playful rules hide the dark side. In this squid game, something like a defender tries to prevent the attack from reaching the center.

And in this case, it’s a bloody battle to the death, and one of the few times the game involves direct hand-to-hand combat. The unexpected end of the match provides a short heap, which quickly disappears properly.


10. The barracks riot.

In Episode 4, the evil Deok-su kills another player in the barracks during combat. But instead of being disqualified by the organizer, they just throw more money into the box. This action clearly shows that the pot is still growing, regardless of whether the player died in the game or with his own hands.

That night, a murderous opportunist begins killing other players to eliminate competition, causing a bloody riot. The guards do nothing to stop him, but later politely bring in a famous casket adorned with a red ribbon to take away the dead. The organizer’s calm calculations contribute only to the illness and twisted nature of the series, no matter how the player dies. These people are pawns and entertainment. And it’s not very clear why the organizers are so indifferent to their destiny.


11. The cookie challenge.

You like cookies. We all love cookies. And those moldy cookies are the best, right?

Not if you are on this island. In Episode 3, the player chooses the shape of the cookie (without knowing the details of the game) and discovers that he needs to leave the shape and carve it. It’s much easier than using a circle. .. Umbrella shape.

Our protagonist, Seong Gi-hun discovers a unique way to survive in his most difficult form, but others fail miserably and are shot dead by masked helpers who are constantly threatening during the game.

What’s the worst part? The cookies weren’t delicious either. We’re not really sure. We just guessed.