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Is Spotify Down? Users Confused As Music Streaming Giant Goes Unresponsive!

Is Spotify Down? – this is the question a large number of users of the app were asking each other over the week as Spotify experienced bouts of instability. Users of the app went through a confusing time as it took a long time to open and most of the songs were not streaming.

Is Spotify Down
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Let us take a closer look at what went wrong with the application and why it went down.

Reasons as to why is Spotify Down? 

The music streaming giant is down because there is a lot of load on the server of the app. Basically, this sort of thing happens when a large number of people log on to the app at the same time. While servers of such big apps are usually well equipped to handle a tremendous load, sometimes there’s a surge beyond expectation.

why Is Spotify Down
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While people wonder as to why is Spotify down, this is the most probable answer. Let us now take a closer look a the kinds of problems that people are facing on the app.

Users also complain of other problems

Multiple users have complained that they have been suddenly logged out of their Spotify account and are unable to log in! Moreover, users are also complaining that even if they are able to log in, most songs won’t play! Furthermore, artist search also seems to be broken.

Is Spotify Down how to fix
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While users wonder why is Spotify down, they’ve also taken on to Twitter to complain and ask each other if they know of a fix:

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