The Spiderman Far From Home trailer just dropped yesterday and it has opened up space for a lot of questions. When Thanos snapped his fingers, it did more damage to the MCU than we had expected. That’s definitely a possibility, yes. Especially, the introduction of Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) into the new movie can mean a huge change.

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What did we see in the Spiderman: Far From Home trailer?

What did we see in the Spiderman: Far From Home trailer?

In the Spiderman: Far From Home trailer, we see Nick Fury introducing Peter Parker to Quentin Beck, a.k.a. Mysterio. In the comic books, Mysterio was a villain, but here he is more of a superhero figure. But, there is one unique thing about him. Mysterio hails from another ‘Earth’.

Is Mysterio coming back on Spiderman: Far From Home?

What is the Multiverse theory in Spiderman: Far From Home?

So, if you have read the older comic books, or watched The Flash, you will know that the multiverse exists. In simpler words, it means that there are separate Earths existing in a parallel universe. All of them have been kept apart by dimensional barriers.

Coming back to the Spiderman: Far From Home trailer, it is a little weird that they are making Spiderman explore the depths of the multiverse. He is widely known as the neighbourhood superhero. Plus, he is going on trips with friends; still having a hard time impressing the girl he likes. All thanks and applauds to Fury here! Since the world is under threat, Spiderman must save it with a stranger.

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Spiderman: Far from Home Trailer and the multiverse theory- drawing implications

What will be the further implications?

So, let’s consider that the multiverse came into being after Thanos snapped his fingers. Now that Disney has acquired Fox, it owns the big movie franchises like Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Deadpool.

Marvel Studios have not announced any movie related to these characters. The advantage of the multiverse is that these characters can be allowed into the MCU through a simple portal. Nevertheless, their introduction could potentially lead to confusion. For example, there will be a lot of questions of why the X-Men did not vanish when Thanos snapped his fingers.

Let’s come to the reality check that Spiderman’s journey in the MCU is actually coming to an end. In 2015, Marvel and Sony agreed to work together on live-action Spiderman movies. Both of them agreed that Tom Holland can appear as Spiderman is five films. After that, Sony would acquire the exclusive rights of the character.

Will Spiderman: Far from Home be the end of the character?

Spiderman: Far From Home is the fifth movie in this series. The future lies in Sony’s hands now. Plus, Sony has been shaping its own Spider-world. It released Venom in 2018. Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse launches later in 2019. Both films were quite successful, proving that the brand plays a crucial role.

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While there is much left for contemplation and analysis, read how Twitter reacted to the trailer. Meanwhile, we’ll keep bringing you all the buzz right here on HipToro.