Sony PS5 Leaks shows that the Next-Gen Console will have 1TB SSD Storage Capacity

Sony PlayStation 5 leaks and rumors are coming in full force as we have entered the year 2020. The next-gen gaming console from Sony will release at the end of this year a lot of details about the machine are getting leaked out recently. One of the rumored PS5 leaks claims that the gaming system will have a huge storage capacity by default without any upgrade or extra accessories.

As per the 4chan leak posted on Reddit, the PlayStation 5 will have a similar UI like the previous console but the biggest change is that PS5 could come with 1TB SSD storage capacity. Fans of the next-gen gaming console are wondering whether Sony PS5 could really have 1TB of memory or are the leaks false?

Sony PS5 Leaks shows 1TB SSD Memory

Sony PS5 Leaks shows 1TB SSD Memory

The PS5 leaked image shows a UI that looks almost the same as in PlayStation 4 along with with familiar splash screen, menu options, and overall background and more. While the leaker himself has said that the actual UI of Sony’s PS5 could be different as the finished version would be modified with time. The user who posted the leaks must be working in a game studio that has gotten ps5 devkits from the creators of Sony PlayStation 5.

PS5 Devkit UI 4chan leak from PS5

The leaks almost look normal with basic PS5 software and hardware information such as system software, release check mode and free space details. But the last term is having few characters in the description that goes like “891,541GB/1,012,439GB” which indicates that the user interface has a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. The PS4 also had 1TB storage size for the highest variant and PS5 having default 1TB indicates that the actual console can have a larger capacity.

1TB Storage Capacity for PlayStation 5 Possible?

1TB Storage Capacity for PlayStation 5 Possible

Sony PS5 having 1TB SSD storage capacity and Sony PS4 having 1TB HDD are totally different given SSD is much faster and lighter. It means that users can store a lot of games on their consoles without worrying up about the loading time. The PlayStation 5 is in direct competition with Xbox Series X and hence it has to get better in every department and hence having more than 1TB storage is totally possible.