A woman who is single and 35 years old said that whenever she tells men she is a virgin and that she wants to wait until marriage to have sex, the men ghost her.

A dancer and comedian from New Jersey named Sonali Chandra shared that she finds it challenging to date due to the fact that she has stringent beliefs regarding intimacy and a lack of experience in the bedroom.

“I have only dated nine men – including three serious relationships – and all nine men were jerks when they found out about my virginity,” she told Daily Star in an interview Thursday.

Chandra believes that the fact that she was brought up in a traditional household by her parents, who were born in India, has had a “profound impact” on her ability to find romantic partners.

“I was not allowed to socialize and dating was a big no-no,” she stated. “Dating is a life skill and I was forbidden from developing that skill in my teenage and college years. Fast forward to the present day, at age 35, I still have no clue how to date!”

The stunning woman, who didn’t experience her first kiss until she was 26, has been using dating apps in a vain attempt to find her soul mate, but she hasn’t had much success so far.

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“I spend every weeknight exercising so I don’t feel lonely and I spend Saturday and Sunday nights alone in my studio apartment, which is very depressing,” she candidly confessed. “I go to sleep by 8 p.m. to numb my emotional pain.”

Insisting that she wasn’t allowed to go to her high school prom or live in a campus dorm while she was in college, she also wouldn’t let her parents set up her marriage, despite the fact that this is a common practice in her culture.

Even so, she sticks to her traditional ideas about having sexual relations before marriage, and she won’t have sexual relations just to get a man.

“I consider sex sacred and special. In fact, I don’t even like the word ‘sex,’ I prefer ‘making love,’ ” she stated, saying she refuses to compromise on her values.

“I’ll be ready [to make love] when I have a ring from ‘the one.’ As for ‘the one,’ I am looking for a chivalrous gentleman who is moral and ethical, handsome, ambitious, health-oriented and will treat me like a queen,” she said. “I want what Priyanka Chopra has with Nick Jonas.”

When Chandra made an appearance on “Dr. Phil” two years ago, she announced to the world that she was still a virgin.

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She vented her frustration on the show about the fact that men were offended by the fact that she was still a virgin.

“I’m confused and perplexed. I have all these great qualities. Why is it so tough for me to find the one who won’t be scared off when I tell him he would be my first and hopefully only?” she asked.

In spite of this, she did not waver in her beliefs and instead declared: “I would rather remain a virgin and be single the rest of my life than be married to the wrong guy.”

After being on the show, Chandra went on to compete in the dating show “Five Guys a Week” on the Lifetime channel, but she couldn’t find a connection with any of the guys.

But for the person who is currently single and has been exchanging long-distance messages with a possible romantic interest, there seems to be a glimmer of hope in the distance.

Chandra told the Daily Star that they recently met for the first time, and despite the fact that they live in different cities, they had strong chemistry when they were together in person.

“This man is handsome, ambitious, and a bit older than me – I am so surprised he is still single! I feel like I have known him for eternity, and I felt comfortable around him,” she dished. “He was slightly flirtatious but was completely respectful of my boundaries given that I’m a virgin. He didn’t even try to kiss me.”

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“Since our meeting, I have not been able to stop thinking about him,” she further cooed. “However, I have no clue what he thinks of me or when I’ll meet him again, which is heart-wrenching.”

Whether he ghosts like every other man or not, the virgin claims that the situation has helped her gain a better understanding of what she wants from a romantic relationship.

“I do believe that friendship is the foundation of any relationship and that time will tell what happens between us,” she declared.