Marriage requires a lot of hard work. Even if you were the high school sweethearts and decided to get engaged after a year together, things might still go south. It might end with a very unpleasant divorce for some people when they reveal their true selves after a wedding.

Support from the in-laws is uncommon. Most people choose to ignore the issue and bad-mouth the woman who had to deal with her partner’s unfaithfulness, because they don’t believe that their son is a cheat. This particular story will debunk the theory:

A mother who was worried about her son cheating on his wife took it to a community on the internet to share the story. The story received over 103K upvotes and 10K worth of comments, which supported the amount of empathy the parents showed towards their daughter-in-law.


When your relationship doesn’t work out, you get the most understanding in-laws.

Not everyone is able to accept the wrongdoings of their children. Some parents have a mentality where they are absolutely certain that their child could never hurt a human. It is hard to accept that the person you have raised has turned into a mess. The story is about the in-laws supporting their grandchild and daughter-in-law.


The parents removed their son from their will after he cheated on her and left town with his mistress.


The author explains that her son cheated on his wife when she was only 3 months pregnant and that he mistreated her. The man left town with the woman he had an affair with because he didn’t care about his partner and child. These people were horrified by their son’s behavior and felt bad for the woman.



The OP and her husband didn’t approve of their son’s actions and they couldn’t bear to see their daughter-in-law struggling to cope while also trying to take care of her newborn baby
After considering the situation, the family decided to cut their son off of the will and put everything towards their daughter-in-law and their grandchild. He went completely off the rails when he heard about his sister’s bad news, trying to shame his parents for doing everything they could to support his family.



The daughter-in-law is being treated like an outsider by distant relatives. The author and her husband are making a huge mistake that will cost them their son, and they are totally convinced that what the OP’s son has done is something that could be justified and forgiven. The parents took the baby and mother in because they knew what was right and wrong.


The parents are getting a lot of hate for doing what they believe is right. They know that it is only fair to make sure that their grandson and their daughter-in-law are taken care of. The author said that having family arguments is confusing, but because she sees how determined her husband is to support their son’s ex-wife, it makes her more confident in her decision.



Even though she knew that her son had been dealing with things, it was difficult for her to stand and watch. She understands that if something were to happen to her, she would want her in-laws and family to support her.



The author shared that it is heartbreaking to see everyone being so negative towards their daughter-in-law, but she accepts the fact that it is not in her power to control what others think about the situation. She believes that she is right to protect the family that her son did not want.


The OP and her husband were praised for being supportive.