The rapper Snoop Dogg smokes up to 150 joints every day, according to his full-time blunt roller, who makes more than $50,000 a year just rolling the singer’s joints.

Renegade Piranha, the rap artist’s personal blunt roller, told the Australian radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” this week that her boss likes to smoke about a half pound of Mary Jane a day, which is the same as 75 to 150 joints. Renegade Piranha told the people watching the show about this.

‘I calculate it at over 450,000,’ Piranha said during the interview on the number of blunts she’s rolled for the rap artist, the New York Post reported.

Piranha said that her boss, “D.O. Double G,” likes to smoke pot and almost never leaves the house without a blunt.

In June, UberFacts sent out a tweet saying that Snoop’s full-time blunt roller made between $40,000 and $50,000 per year. But the rapper set the record straight by tweeting: ‘Inflation. Their salary went up!’

Snoop, who has used marijuana before, said during a question-and-answer session on Twitter in 2013 that he smokes up to 81 blunts a day, which is about the same as what Piranha said.

In 2015, the rapper started his own platform called Merry Jane. Merry Jane is a lifestyle media website that helps people who are interested in marijuana find information. The site is for people who smoke marijuana sometimes as well as people who smoke it every day.

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Yahoo News says that Piranha, who calls herself a “blunt roller to the stars,” said that she got the job with Snoop after being on Yarmacrazy’s The Review podcast.

‘I knew a girl that knew the grow that was dealing using Snoop’s Premium Nutrients, which is a brand he has of really amazing premium nutrients for you to grow really amazing … premium things with,’ Piranha shared.

She said the rapper’s team was ‘looking for someone to roll up for him, versus them just gifting him all the tree. And the girl — I guess — told these people, like, ‘Yo, I know this chick. She rolls the best blunts. You guys should have her do it.”