You probably remember how nervous you were before your first child was born. Nothing can prepare you for being a parent until you are a parent. It is a learning job.

Being responsible for the life of a baby is a big deal. It can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Before the child is conceived, numerous mothers-to-be go through a settling stage where they need everything in the house and the child’s space to be set up flawlessly and all set. Planning for another child can likewise incorporate babyproofing the whole house and maybe working on your propensities to make the climate a more secure spot, like not wearing shoes in the house and attempting to overcome a smoking vice (ideally not with respect to the mother-to-be since you most certainly ought not to be smoking while pregnant).

One mom-to-be shared on Slate that her in-laws will visit after the baby is born. Although she doesn’t think her mother-in-law will smoke around the baby, she is still concerned about the effects of thirdhand smoke.

You’ve most likely known about handed-down cigarette smoke. In the event that you’ve at any point strolled down the walkway close to somebody who’s smoking, you’ve inhaled it in, yet thirdhand smoke isn’t also known. Essentially, after somebody smokes, the smoke’s abandoned on clothing, on surfaces, and in the residue. Assuming that you’ve at any point visited the home of somebody who smokes, in any event, when they’re not smoking, the house presumably still scents like smoke. Why? Since the smoke is waiting all over. This is thirdhand smoke.

If her mother-in-law smokes, this mom-to-be wants her to shower and change clothes so she can hold or touch her baby. It makes complete sense, even though it might seem a little extreme.

The answer she received on Slate states that “you are perfectly within your rights to ask for what you want; her response to that is her business, not yours.”  She can ask her mother-in-law to shower and change clothes when her mother-in-law is visiting, but it’s tricky when the new family visits the in-laws. It is not possible to enforce strict rules when it is not your home. The advice was to stay in a hotel.

Have you ever heard of thirdhand smoke? Do you think it is crazy to have the mother-in-law shower and change clothes before holding the baby? If you were the mother-in-law, what would you do?