Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant are sisters from Detroit. The twosome is currently taking the internet by storm. Thanks to a single message that got more than half a million likes.

Alexandria uploaded photos that show how different her and Jessica’s homes are. Alexandria wrote on Twitter, “My sister and I are polar opposites.” She has dark hair and is wearing clothes.
Even My Little Pony would be jealous of Jessica’s rainbow-colored hair.


Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant are related. The sisters look very different and that is why they have taken to social media.

Their homes are not on the same style spectrum. It is vivid, colorful, inviting. There is an inflatable pool with a floating alicorn. There is a mat at the front door of Alexandria’s home.


Alexandria’s home is a bit darker but equally full of amazing stuff, while Jessica’s home is colorful and inviting. Their sense of style is completely different.

There are dozens of movie posters, drawings, photos, and skulls on her walls, plants line her windowsills, and there is even fake ivy growing near her door. Alexandria has an awesome shower curtain with a bat and a cool cup collection. The home of Jessica is full of bright colors and cozy comforts.

Alexandria’s photos went crazy. Immediately. Her post was shared more than 71,000 times. There are over 8,000 likes and 150 comments on the photo-sharing website.


Alexandria told BuzzFeed, “I was watching my nieces in Jessica’s yard today and I took a photo of her fence and decided to post it!” “The most surprising things go viral — I’ll never understand!”

Alexandria thought she and Jessica being polar opposites might have something to do with their age difference.

“Jessica and I have a pretty big age gap, so we naturally have been interested in different things,” she said to BuzzFeed. “Our style only became drastically different when we became adults and started dressing how we truly wanted.”


Children can grow up to be opposites. Even identical twins. It is impossible for two people to have the same experiences when they are born. Different life experiences have their own personality.

An experiment with mice showed that even genetically identical animals behave differently, according to Gerd Kempermann, a behavioral geneticist at the Dresden University of Technology and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease in Germany. Eventually, these folds disappear.


Alexandria’s tweet went viral and became extremely popular. Thousands of comparisons were made in response to social media posts by social media users.


Some users wanted to show off how different they are from their sisters.


The sister duo from Detroit was the subject of a lot of funny comments on the internet.