A woman’s story about how she met attractive single men at a nightclub by using a “hit me up” stamp to introduce herself has gone viral on social media.

Mel Lloyd, who is 22 years old, uploaded a video to TikTok in order to reveal a clever strategy that she used when she went out with her friends.

The singleton demonstrated to viewers how she approached men in the club in a “respectful” manner by showing them a personalized stamp with her contact information printed on it.

In the video, she flirts with the men she is interested in by going around to the different tables and bars. Then she produces a stamp that was made specifically for her, and uses it to leave a mark on the wrist or arm of a man.

Mel’s Instagram and Snapchat handles, along with a brief message that reads as follows, are printed on the stamp’s message. “I think you’re fit. If you’re single you should hit me up.”

TikTok user showed that she soon received a friend request on Snapchat, to which she joked that it was her “first victim of the stamp.” After stamping the first single boy, the user showed that she soon received a friend request on Snapchat.

At the time that this article was written, the video had received 1.3 million views and 111.9 thousand likes on the social media platform, with many users complimenting Mel on the respectful manner in which she handled the situation.

One user wrote: “I love the ‘if you’re single’ respectful queen.”

Another said: “Concise details, efficient delivery, and bonus points for materials used.”

A third commented: “I like this video because it shows how good of a person you are. also if I were to do this, it’ll be just men with long hair hahaha.”

A fourth user joked: “Imagine their egos but then as they pay attention to their surroundings they see the same stamp on many others MUAHAHA.”

In the video, the TikToker can also be seen “accidentally” approaching a married man. However, she explains that she adheres to a general rule when it comes to dating, which is that she avoids dating men who are already in relationships.

“This one was married, so no stamp,” she said this while she was having a conversation with a man who was wearing a white shirt. She then went on to apologize for approaching him before writing in the comment section that she and his wife had a “nice chat” about his wife.

Despite this, Mel was ecstatic to learn that her strategy was successful. She stated that her plan was straightforward, writing: “Personally I went up to them and asked if they were single and if they said yes, I stamped them and walked away.”

In addition, she informed viewers of the video-sharing app’s comment section that she will soon publish a “part two” video of the stamp saga.