Sometimes smart people do dumb things. It could be a misunderstanding, a lack of sleep the night before, or just a simple misjudgment, otherwise known as a brainfart.

It is human nature to laugh at funny fails. If you are lucky, you were alone, and the only damage done was a bruised ego. The people had their brainfarts captured on camera for us to laugh at.

Scroll down and check this list out of some of the epic fails.


1. Facebook intentionally makes memes.


2. Uh oh.


3. There are always trust issues.


4. “My Sister’s Friend Bought The Wrong Concert Tickets.”


5. Just helping her out.


6. Gotta love DaVinci’s Titanic art.


7. Mommy didn’t get the memo.


8. How can one be this ignorant?


9. ID: admin | Password: admin


10. Totally locked out.


11. That tablet seems like one hell of a drug.


12. “I Believe That’s Meant To Be The Date.”


13. He tried.



14. Would be a great feature innovation.



15. “You Got Catfished.”


16. She had to wait for so long in the queue.


17. “I Wanted To Cook My Wife A Fancy Meal For Her Birthday, So I Started With A Slow-Cooked Home Made Chicken Stock. After Simmering For Hours, The Recipe Said To Pour It Through A Strainer. God Damnit.”


18. Cop thought that the art piece was an illegally parked vehicle, so he gave a ticket.


19. “My Brother Was Upset Because His Car’s ‘Docking Station’ For His iPhone Wasn’t Working And It Was Scratching His Screen.”


20. “My Brother Asked, ‘Since When Is There A Christmas Squid?'”


21. Kim Kardashian wearing mirrored sunglasses while playing Poker.


22. “Just Saw This Shared On Facebook. When I Asked The Girl Who Shared It, She Actually Believed It. She Is 21.”


23. This news channel used a white girl’s picture at Coachella to report as missing/murdered.


24. “Exactly Mom, You Guessed It Right.”


25. Uber wedding.


26. Must be a community college.


27. Result of microwaving a foil ball for 3 minutes.


28. All set to cause an explosion.


29. They’re all so dumb.


30. “My Manager Taped A Piece Of Paper To A Clipboard.”