We learn from our failures. Many people will notice your failures if you work in the design field. Designers need to be more careful when planning and executing their ideas.

Some designers probably don’t use their brain cells at all and end up creating something so silly that people start wondering “Why?” Some of their best posts can be found in the gallery. If you want to see more posts like this, you can check them out here and here.


1. Candy should not be given to babies.


2. Wheelchair-friendly Stairway.


3. Orange Is The New Milk.


4. Never Noticed.


5. Someone is in the work cafeteria.


6. I will go ahead and do it. The bike lane ends in traffic.


7. This Marvel In Ohio.


8. Know the facts about my teeth.


9. There is popsicle-colored chalk with a wood handle. What could go wrong with giving these to kids?


10. They can’t see your face.


11. Blehhh.


12. The design of the stoplights causes them to be filled with snow. It is a world-class ski area and snow should be a factor in all design decisions.


13. I wonder if she is pregnant.


14. A violin!


15. We are all clear that this man has cracked open a child and is now wearing its insides on his head.


16. The worst staircase I have ever seen.


17. Every roll of toilet paper spins when you spin it.


18. Blursed.


19. I stayed in an apartment where the stairs are of different heights, widths, and depths.


20. Image To Advertise A Photobooth.


21. Hidden What?!


22. You can set your feet on fire this winter.


23. Tactile paving for the visually impaired was disrupted by a giant bench.


24. I was afraid of how the shirts would smell.


25. Why?


26. Can we all admire this beast?


27. I saw a shower while house hunting.


28. The sign tells us where our room is.


29. Guys, I found an app that rents ice ships.