Sileo Beta download now live – What is Sileo and what’s the connection with jailbreaking?


    Sileo, the newer iteration app store for jailbroken devices is available for download. Electra and Coolstar published the first public version of Sileo.

    Sileo is the possible replacement to Cydia. Cydia is the go to the package management application for jailbroken devices in the Apple community.

    What is Sileo?

    According to the team behind the development of Sileo, it is the package manager for jailbroken devices and intended to replace the aging Cydia Tool which is developed by Jay Freeman.

    Apple Sileo


    Sileo is developed by the lead developers of popular Electra jailbreak.

    Package managers like Sileo and Cydia are the package managers for jailbroken devices. These package managers allow the jailbroken Apple devices to access third-party software repositories.

    These repositories provide tweaks and application for free however some might cost you a buck or two.


    It should be very clear that both Cydia and Sileo requires jailbroken devices.
    It will be compatible from iOS 11 onwards. If your devices are running on a lower version of ios then Cydia is still the go-to package manager.

    What is Jailbreaking?

    In technical terms jailbreaking is defined as a way that allows users to gain access to the Unix file system. For a layman, it hacking your device to install an additional application which helps in modding the device.

    Jailbreaking is not illegal but it does void the warranty.

    Recent Troubles

    Developers of Sileo and team at Bigboss one of the few remaining repositories had some heated clash over ad preference.
    Teams have reached a final decision and allowed BIGBOSS to serve one ad to other users.


    Release Date of Sileo

    It is also available for non-jailbroken devices but has limited functionality.
    Electra team has released a public beta which is available for downloads.

    There is no word on when the stable build will be released.

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