Whenever we hear animal adoption stories, it makes us smile. Like this story of a Reddit user, flyingglotus who adopted a rescued kitten 3 months ago. Flyingglotus and his wife came forward to offer a permanent home to a kitten who had multiple health problems.

They brought Posey, their little kitten, to their vet – returning multiple times for routine checkups.

Posey was put on antibiotics to help stave off further infection and reduce her symptoms, but she was plagued throughout the ordeal by conjunctivitis and respiratory infection.

Flyingglotus and his wife mentioned the following in their imgur post:

We had to keep her in our basement bathroom for almost a month.
At this point she had severe conjunctivitis, ringworm all over her body, and still had a URI.
We were really concerned about her.
She was on oral antibiotics, eye drops, and sulfur baths.

Thankfully, Posey hung in there and now, after a month of treatment, she can breathe and thrive in her new home!