Rumors of Sherlock Season 5 continue to create the buzz around. The creators of the Sherlock series, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, nod for possibility amidst rumors surrounding the show.

Sherlock series airs on BBC and it has shown no release of comeback hints to its global fans.

Nothing is final yet for the Sherlock Creators

In an interview, Sherlock’s creator Steven Moffat highlighted

 “nothing is final yet.”

Steven Moffat also pointed out the reason for the delay in the release date of Sherlock Season 5. He also has been very positive about the fifth instalment of the series.

Sherlock season 5 release date

He refused to take other projects because of his and Mark Gatiss’ frantically packed schedules. The duo is currently busy with filming Dracula series.

In an interview with Radio Times, Steven Moffat, creator of Sherlock series revealed:

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“We’re not going to do Sherlock whilst we’re doing Dracula; that means audiences will have to wait two more years for Sherlock – if it returns at all.”

Sherlock Season 5 doors are still open

Sherlock Season 5 release date Bennedict Cumberbatch

Steven Moffat also revealed details about the return of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock Season 5.  He said he’s not aware of them coming back to the yet-to-be-confirmed Sherlock instalment.

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He emphasized that both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch haven’t “closed the doors” to doing the fifth instalment of Sherlock.

Martin Freeman earlier revealed that the series is no longer fun for them. the demands from the fans put a lot of pressure on the creators and actors.

Earlier return than expected

A source revealed that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch could return earlier than expected to Sherlock Season 5. He overheard the news of,

“they’ll be coming back.”

However, a conclusion based on details like these cannot be proven correct until the claims get verified.