It’s been said a lot that Jennifer Lopez is challenging to work with. The actress allegedly treats people very rudely and frequently draws criticism from the media for her behavior. Numerous reports have been made about the singer’s unsavory behavior. These range from accusations that the actress makes unreasonable demands to her avoiding interactions with anyone in the service sector. A flight attendant claims that the artist completely ignores the staff members and doesn’t even make eye contact with them.


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Jennifer Lopez disregarded an airline attendant.

Jennifer Lopez’s reputation as an obnoxious diva, according to a United Airlines employee, is fully justified. In an interview with Star Magazine, the flight attendant alleged that the actress treated him quite disrespectfully. He said the following while outlining the situation to the outlet:

“I just said, ‘What can I get you to drink?’ But Jennifer refused to even acknowledge me. She turned her head away and told her personal assistant, ‘Please tell him I’d like a diet coke and like.’ She wouldn’t even look at me. It was sad, she seems so sweet in her movies.”

She had only been asked if she wanted a drink by the waiter. Jennifer Lopez, he claimed, would not even look at him. She spoke to her personal assistant while turning her head away, asking him to bring her a diet coke and lime.


It’s not unusual for the singer to treat people poorly.

The flight attendant’s account of the incident is not the first time the Marry Me actress has acted in this manner. In the past, Jennifer Lopez has displayed rudeness and even caused staff to be let go. In 2012, a German hotel maid who was a big fan asked the celebrity for an autograph. She was allegedly denied outright, and the actress even complained to the cleaning company and had the employee fired. On the basis of their astrological signs, she fired dancers in another incident. The singer allegedly asked all the Virgos to raise their hands during an audition. After keeping them waiting all day, she then cruelly forced them to leave. There are many more instances like these, and they all point to the actress as being unpleasant to be around.


Jennifer Lopez has insulted celebrities in the past.

In an interview with Movieline, the actress disparaged a number of other female actors. By claiming that Gwyneth Paltrow is only well-known for being Brad Pitt’s ex, Jennifer Lopez attacked the actress. Cameron Diaz was then criticized by the singer for saying that she is “a lucky model who’s been given a lot of opportunities. I just wish she would have done more with.” Even Madonna, who at the time worked in both music and movies, received criticism from her. She asserted that despite her opinion that Madonna is a fantastic performer, she is unquestionably not a good actress.