In April 2021, Jennifer Lopez had just broken up with Alex Rodriguez when she found herself back in the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Ben Affleck. They got married in August in front of friends and family at Affleck’s Georgia estate. Since then, they’ve kept a low profile. But it sounds like the couple is having trouble adjusting to married life after their dreamy wedding, as the honeymoon is quickly coming to an end.

After many pictures of Gone Girl actor Ben Affleck looking bored and emotionless next to JLo have been posted online recently, an insider told Heat World that people close to the couple are worried that the Hustlers star has turned her husband into her “personal robot.” People say that Affleck is slowly changing into a new version of himself in which he keeps his feelings to himself so as not to upset his new wife.


Jennifer Lopez has turned Ben Affleck into her “puppet.”

The insider said that Affleck’s close friends and family, like his childhood friend Matt Damon and his only sibling Casey Affleck, are trying to help him fix his marriage. “The likes of Matt Damon and his brother Casey have been shaking their heads and hoping he snaps out of it. The poor guy looks like he’s about to burst into tears at any time” says the insider.

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Ben Affleck is afraid to ask Jennifer Lopez to give him some space.

Affleck has had problems with drugs and alcohol in the past, so he is not ready to raise his voice because it might make his new wife angry. The insider revealed, “Ben’s not raised any complaints to Jen, probably because he knows if he started asking for space, it would not go down very well. Jen would be the first to admit she’s needy, but with Ben, it’s on another level. It doesn’t even enter her head that she’s asking too much of him.”

“She views them as the superstar couple of their generation – if not all of time – and so they come as a package deal,” the source shared. Close friends and family of Affleck are worried that he might be in more trouble than he thought. An insider said, “Jen very much wears the pants. She tells him how to dress, eat, work out – how to live his whole life.” Ben Affleck has supposedly changed into a new version of himself and is turning into “JLo’s personal robot.” This is because the 53-year-old actor doesn’t want to make his wife mad.