Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 17 is an upcoming episode of the popular TV reality show Shark Tank. This episode is one of the most anticipated episodes since it will contain the five most interesting pitches of the season.

In the last episode of Shark Tank Season 14, we saw the “Eat Your Flower” pitch, where a little bakery was presented uniquely. Loria Stern, who presented the bakery business, makes cakes and confections from plants. She collaborated with the neighborhood farmers to get organic and seasonal plants for her business.

The last episode of Shark Tank was very special since Stern’s pitch was very special and innovative. She used waste-reduction techniques along with water-saving techniques. Further, her product was definitely healthier than the options available in the market.

Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 16 Recap

In episode 16, Big Mouth business was the highlight in which Dr. Bobbi Peterson presented his business of dental care supplies. Her product’s better design and useful function get him a great deal from the sharks.

The main focus of Bobbi’s business was on electric toothbrushes. The reason why her toothbrush was better than other standard toothbrushes in the market is because of its excellent battery lift, wash, polish, gum care, sensitivity, and lightweight design. The best part is that it can retain liquids like toothpaste and gels, so consumers don’t have to carry them separately.

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What to Expect from Episode 17 of Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 17?

Episode 17 will showcase more interesting ideas and businesses than other previous episodes of this season. There will be a total of 5 pitches in this episode. The business will submit its startup concept to the shark, including tech, health, and wellness startups. However, it will be interesting to watch which business gets a deal from the sharks.

Shark Tank Season 14 Barbara Corcoran As Shark
Barbara Corcoran As Shark

Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 17 Release Date and Time

Episode 17 of Shark Tank will be released on ABC in the USA on March 17, 2023. The show will air around 8 PM in the USA, and the timing will vary for different countries of the world.

  • India: 6.30 AM March 18
  • Australia: 12.01 PM March 18
  • Beijing: 9 AM March 18
  • Malaysia: 9 AM March 18
  • Indonesia: 8 AM March 18
  • Japan: 10 AM March 18
  • Korea: 10 AM March 18
Shark Tank Season 14 Mark Cuban As Shark
Mark Cuban As Shark

Where to Watch Episode 17 of Shark Tank S14 Online?

Shark Tank S14 episode 17 will air on ABC in the USA. Apart from that, you can tune into Hulu, Direct TV, ABC app, and Fubo TV to watch the latest episodes of Shark Tank online.

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