What is the worst kind of group to serve? A children’s soccer team? A bunch of rich businessmen? Maybe a school field trip?

The worst group according to one server is the post-church crowd. He shared his thoughts on TikTok, sparking up an interesting discussion, and many other servers showed up with their own horror stories as well.


It’s bound to get people hungry when they’re in church.

Most religious people don’t make up a full Sunday breakfast before they go to church so going out for a post-church lunch is an old tradition.

The trouble begins once this crowd goes out for their post-worship eats, according to one server.


They’re the worst humans on the planet.

The TikToker is coming in hot with the takes in his video and doesn’t let up.

“Sundays were always the worst in the diner, not because of the sheer amount of people that show up for, like, Sunday brunch,” he said. “It’s the sheer amount of people that show up after church because they’re the worst human beings on Earth.”


Attempting to change his mind.

The challenge was issued over the video of him grabbing a stack of cups. You won’t change his mind about the Sunday after-church crowd being the worst.


Commenters agreed.

I was expecting some level of resistance in the comments section, but all of the top-level comments seemed to agree with the assessment. On Sundays, past and present servers let off steam by sharing their experiences with the crowd.


Has anyone else received those tips?

I used to work at a coffee shop and would sometimes receive tips. One corner is always folded over. You open it and realize that it’s a religious pamphlet.


He uploaded another video.

A church lady made a big scene because she was told there would be a wait for a table if she didn’t make a reservation.


Do you agree?

When it comes to something like this, it’s a situation where there’s smoke and fire. The video doesn’t condemn every person of faith, but it does talk about what it’s like to work in the service industry on Sundays.


We’re here to hear the stories.

We have our popcorn here for the stories and any drama that might arise in the comments section. There hasn’t been much drama tied to the videos so far, but that doesn’t mean the stories aren’t engaging. You can share your thoughts in the comments section after watching the videos.