What a blessing it was that such kind people adopted and cherished Maple!

In my opinion, Maple deserves everything, so I’m happy for her.

Many people want to get puppies because they are cute and easy to train; however, few people are aware of senior dogs even though they are also very affectionate.

For older shelter dogs, adoption chances decrease. Maybe they won’t have the chance to find a real home until they pass away!

Maple is her given name. She had long, overgrown nails, was in poor condition, and didn’t look attractive. Nobody wants or needs her.

Despite the controversy that Maple’s informational post sparked, a kind couple decided to take in the orphan Maple.

The beagle is one of the most devoted and loyal pets!

Maple had to leave on the weekend, so Taylor and her boyfriend hurried to pick her up and bring her home in three hours. When Taylor realized how miserable Maple was and how challenging and complicated her life was, she was heartbroken.

The wait was worthwhile. For the first time ever, Maple feels content in her own bed! Maple spent the first two nights of her habitation “curled up in a small ball.” Maple gradually comes out of her shell and acclimates to her new life thanks to the love of her adoptive parents. Cooper, Taylor’s second rescue dog, is her new friend as well. They grow to be each other’s best friends.

When Maple started scheduling time for herself, her life underwent a significant change. She is surrounded by the people and animals she cherishes! Love has the power to transform anyone, but especially animals. Maple has likely never been content. I’m so happy you were able to save her.

She finally found true love and a real home makes me so happy. I can’t imagine what this poor dog went through. If you’re going to own an animal, you either have to keep it forever or you shouldn’t.

For going out and finding this beagle a new home and a second chance at love, may God bless the couple.