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Selena Gomez, Bill Murray marriage: Selena clarifies her stand on her relationship with Bill Murray amid dating rumours

Selena Gomez Bill Murray marriage dating relationship

Recently, an unlikely relationship developed between Bill Murray and Selena Gomez. Everyone has been curious about it since the two were spotted together at the Cannes red carpet. The pair were promoting ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ and was inseparable during the premiere.


Selena reveals what Bill Murray whispered to her

Bill constantly whispered in Selena’s ears and fans want to know what is it about. The singer also returned his affection with a song blowing kisses. But this didn’t resolve the issue. What everyone wants to know is about those whispers in Selena’s ears.

Selena Gomez, Bill Murray marriage dating relationship
Credits: Daily Mail

Selena finally chose to reveal it and quench fans’ curiosity. Selena said,

That isn’t even the first thing, that kind of look is odd. And he just said stupid stuff, like lean in and like, ‘Tonight you look great.’ Then he’d seriously look back and be like, ‘where are you from?’

Selena Gomez, Bill Murray marriage dating relationship
Credits: USA Today

Selena was just trying to get comfortable, and Bill only wanted to help her. He said that he didn’t say anything significant and was only trying to make Selena comfortable. He also added that he really liked him. Bill also said that if his mother were still alive, he would take Selena to meet her.

 And I just would sit there, and I am attempting to be well-packed, that’s okay. That’s what he did all of the time, he was attempting to touch me with stuff in the press conferences, yes it’s just he’s fun, he’s a big kid.

Not only this, but the pop singer also shared a picture with Murray on Instagram and joked about getting married to him. This came as a massive surprise to the fans. Selena feels that they have a perfect connection despite their age gap.

So things are pretty clear after the two revealed what’s going on between them.

Written by Mitansha Chopra

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