A marriage proposal went horribly wrong at MLB!

Ricardo Juarez, a Dodgers fan, attempted to propose to his partner in the stands but was stopped by security.

The video of the incident went viral on Twitter, showing Juarez going to the pitch with a ring in his hand and proposing to his girlfriend, who was watching from the stands.

The description read, “Proposal gone wrong at Dodger Stadium.”

According to the video, Juarez’s romantic gesture quickly turned violent when a security officer came running and tackled Ricardo to the ground before handcuffing him.

“That dude got leveled!” yelled someone in the audience as five security guards led the man off the pitch.

MLB event pitch

MLB pitch

But, fortunately for him, Ricardo’s proposal was accepted, and the girl said YES – “She said YES, la amo,” he posted on Instagram after the tackling video went viral.

On Twitter, the viral video got over 10 million views and thousands of comments and retweets.

“Dude should not be on the field. But, he also shouldn’t be blindsided like that. C’mon!” one wrote.

“What’s with the tackle? Yeah he shouldn’t be on the field, but I’m sure if they had asked asked him to leave he would have,” said another.

“In #FanVsDodgersSecurity, the proposer had clearly given himself up on the play. This is absolutely a foul for targeting at MLB” a third penned.


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