When you think about Scotland, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe it’s the picturesque, undulating slopes or the legend surrounding the Loch Ness Monster. Perhaps it takes your brain a little longer to process the sound of strong bagpipes or kind folks speaking in a funny accent? We recommend including Scottish humor on your list of things you love most about this lovely nation and its people, in addition to everything else.

Here, you’ll see a selection of our favorite posts from the Scottish People Twitter subreddit that will inspire you to book a quick trip to Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Make sure to upvote the images that make you need haggis while you read these tweets in your best Scottish accent.

#1 Longest Running Practical Joke

#2 Can’t Beat A Father’s Funny Jokes

#3 Yee Haa

Since 2015, a Scottish People Twitter subreddit has kept track of all the funniest interactions and incidents that Scots have tweeted about. Since Scotland only has 5.5 million citizens, the group has an astonishing 842k members and has become a beloved online destination for anybody who enjoys celebrating all things Scottish. If you’re not from the land of kilts and Scotch, you might not grasp all of the jargon used in these tweets, but don’t worry—I’m sure you’ll understand the meanings through context. You might even learn some Scottish slang yourself (although we did need to censor some of it).

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#4 Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

#5 He Was Running Out Of Patience

#6 Bacchialdi’s

Neil continued describing how the Scottish psyche typically operates, stating, “First, there’s the matter of modesty. We appreciate pats on the back for our valiant efforts to be good Scots, but we typically feel awkward receiving direct praise. If it happens, we must leave the debate as soon as possible. Instead, expect stern, monotonous small talk and desperate allusions to the weather or the Cowdenbeath football score.

#7 What Is That?

#8 Technically Correct

#9 Invisibility Cloak!

#10 A Conversation With My Scottish Friend

#11 Wholesome Spt

#12 Bruce Mate Come On

Yet there’s a reason why Scots are known for being so amiable when it comes to how they treat other people. “We truly have a lot of time for visitors from other countries. We welcome visitors; it’s not an act, says Neil. “I would say with some degree of confidence that most of the time, Scots prefer non-Scots to themselves. Undeniably, you guys benefited from our good behavior. Did you really believe that Glasgow taxi drivers were always so cordial? Maybe it’s the thrill of experiencing something new and different, or maybe it’s the underlying desire to be liked and loved. With the weight of our Scottishness hanging over our heads, we unburden by presenting the best of us to others, secretly (and insecurely) hoping for approval and admiration at the same time.”

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#13 He Isnae A Dug, Moira

#14 Mum’s Just Being Honest

#15 About Right

#16 There Will Come A Time

#17 Trainspotting

#18 Breaking News

#19 Wee Moon

#20 Technically The Truth

#21 Wee Man Loves Henry The Hoover

#22 May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

#23 L For Effort!

#24 Walking Germ

#25 Wish I Knew This Before

#26 Natural Order Restored In Glasgow

#27 Some Size A Neck On They Hings

#28 This Will Never Not Be Funny

#29 Mulhern Not Having A Good Time Of It In The Comments

#30 Magic Mick In 21 Pumped Street

#31 Train Rides

#32 A Wee Fanny

#33 Fair Question That

#34 A Would S**te Masel

#35 Wooo!

#36 I Want This To Be Real

#37 That’s The Funny Story

#38 Just To Help Yous Oot A Wee Bit

#39 Never Seen Such Charity

#40 The Best Kind Of I Told You So

#41 Can Only Be In Scotland…

#42 As A Glaswegian, Even I Was Surprised By The Scale Of Braehead Shopping Centre

#43 Funny Mosh Pit

#44 Man Of The People Bob Servant

#45 Anyone Lost A Hat?

#46 Very, Very Sorry

#47 Smoking A Malboro Red While Wearing A Knights Helmet? Nae Bor Mate

#48 Scottish People Gpt

#49 Washes Scuds And Bashes Fuds

#50 Tattie Juice


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