As much as Scotland is known for castles, highlands, and bagpipes, it’s equally getting recognized for its humor. If you haven’t come across hilarious tweets that show the Scottish sense of humor, you are at the right place. 

A Scottish People Twitter subreddit with around 750k members is getting famous for its Scottish sense of humor and we are loving it. Scroll down to have a look.

Smee Again…

Armageddon On Thursday. Best Of Luck

New Literacy Program In Glasgow

Mocha At Starbucks


Rule Number Wan

Is Ur Brother Still A Vegetable?

This Is The Way


The Dinnae Have Mouths

The Difference Between Cheshire And Scotland

American’s And The Scottish Accent

Hope Lynda Will Be Wearing Full PPE

Making The Taxi Wait

Marketing 101

To Continue The Current Theme…

Defnitly Gonna Steal Ur Willy

Found The Culprit


Did Ye, Aye?

What A Man

Wouldn’t Expect Any Less From A Soulless Ginger

Suns Oot, Guns Oot

Don’t Want To Piss Off The Scottish

Yer Day Sells Avon And…

HMS Kerry Newton

Good Doggie

Sturgeon Must Resign

If It’s Any Higher Than 12 Degrees, It’s Taps Aff


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