Chances are you will get the official answer if you ask who your favorite child is. We love them both equally, or we don’t play favorites. They joke about who the favorite is, but maintain a stance of treating all kids equally. They try to avoid scaring their children for the rest of their lives.

Parents who play favorites don’t even try to hide it. The parents openly treated his brother as a scapegoat, but he supported his twin sister. So much that she will be spoiled.


Everyone agrees that parenting isn’t easy, but they also agree that parents shouldn’t give in to favoritism.

A 20-year-old man turned to the r/AmITheA-Hole community about a problem he found himself in. There are twin siblings, “Joe” and “Jill”. The parents always wanted a daughter, so when they had twins, the daughter was showered with love, but Joe, as an extra kid in this deal, got the role of the “scapegoat”.

He is the oldest grandson on both sides of the family, so he is in a more fortunate position, but the problem is not with just the parents, it is the entire family that is playing the favoritism game.

But, since the more seasoned sibling shows at least a bit of kindness, he began taking on a strong job as to Joe-not just in light of the fact that he despised how ruined the twin sister was a direct result of the manner in which their folks spoiled her, yet additionally in light of the fact that it was the correct thing to do and he didn’t believe him should be separated from everyone else in the family.


The worried brother turned to the internet to find out if he was right to side with his brother.


The older bro would drag his friends to watch his school musicals whenever the parents would go shopping. Considering everything, those aren’t small things, but rather very meaningful things, and we commend OP for being the best brother ever.

The twins are reaching their high-school graduations. It is no surprise that Joe is going to the same university that OP is going to since both are going to be paid for by the parents. To no surprise, he got a full scholarship and the parents were going to give him nothing.


The older brother was always there for the twin brother while the parents were busy.


In order to find out if anyone was hiring next fall, OP started getting in touch with people he knew. OP reassured his brother that he will make sure everything is okay after the two were talking on the phone. It was probably for the best as it would mean he was independent of his parents and they wouldn’t have to help financially.

The sister must have heard them talking, as she started badgering OP about helping her find a job. She asked him to help her find a job because she didn’t want her dad to know.


The older bro was supportive of the younger bro, but not of the sister.


The older brother tried to explain to her that he doesn’t know anyone in San Fran and that she would get more help from mom and dad. He admitted that the sister was accusing him of favoring Joe over her, but she wasn’t trying to be likable with her “golden child” attitude. The internet was asked to explain to him who was wrong.

The internet ruled that OP was not the a-hole in this situation. People said that he was not the bad guy, but that he was a good big brother, a role model who showed love and support more than most of us could say about our siblings.


The people saw hope in the sister, even though they weren’t quick to judge.


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