Google Pixel 4 mini specs features price release date

Google Pixel 4 mini, the next offering from Google is supposedly the game changer we all wanted for so long.

There is a clear dearth of small screen devices in the smartphone realm. Flagships nowadays are hardly less than 5inches which for many people with small hands is a nightmare. And now Google seems to be addressing this issue and is all set to release its next device called Pixel 4 mini.

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Google is apparently working on an all-new Pixel smartphone, which will have a considerably different design than its current flagships. The rumored Pixel 4 mini is expected to cater to a different audience, those who like small screen smartphones.

Phone Designer, on Twitter, shared these high-quality images of the next Pixel device.

The design elements of the new Pixel as visible from these leaks looks to follow the same suit as the previous gen Pixel devices.

One thing to comprehend is the use of the same hole-punch display layout as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The Pixel 4 mini seems to have just a single camera lens, unlike the bigger Pixel which seems to have a dual-front and rear-facing camera system.

A Smaller, Compact Pixel?

Just to be clear all this is just concept meaning we might never see this take the limelight. The end product might completely be different. Not withstanding the fact that there is unquestionably a lull in the market for a modern, flagship handset having a smaller screen and form factor.

Pixel 4 mini

The possibility of a smaller Pixel could very well be true. There is not much competition in this segment and the demand is considerably on the higher side.

A few years back Apple did come up with a small screen flagship, the iPhone SE. It gained a lot of popularity. Don’t be surprised if Google does the same and create the Android answer to the iPhone SE.

Speculating any release date or pricing this early is a wasted effort. Google as of now seems to be focusing on the current Pixel devices and is gearing up for the launch of Pixel 3a.