Google Pixel 4 leak shows a remarkable screen-to-body ratio

    Google Pixel 4 Design Leak

    Google Pixel 4 renders released online recently and they seem truly stunning. Renders of several gadgets release all the time. Most of the times they are wrong and at others, they turn out to be right. We are not sure if this one will turn out to be true or not, but it’s always good to check them out.

    After looking at Google Pixel 4 design, we can say that it is the best design Google has brought out so far. However, it’s also good to remember that it is nothing more than wishful thinking.

    Google Pixel 4 Design Leak

    The design seems to be inspired by a supposedly leaked sketch of the device. Considering the time that the designer had before posting the renders, the design seems truly impressive.

    Google Pixel 4, The design seems to be inspired by a supposedly leaked sketch of the device.

    Credits: Econo Times

    Google Pixel 4 looks smooth and sleek from its design. It seems totally beautiful. The body of the device is quite a thing to behold. The Pixel XL version has taken it to another level altogether. The two front-facing cameras have added to the charm of the device.

    Even though these are not the designs officially released by the company itself, we can hope that it turns out to be true. The launch date of Pixel 4 is also not officially confirmed yet. If the actual design of the device looks similar to the renders, then it is truly a treat for the fans.

    We will update you about all the details as soon as they come out. Don’t forget to share the news about the renders of Google Pixel 4.

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