Some of the designs might leave you awestruck, while others might make you cringe. Good and bad designs are often posted on our website. Today we have collected some designs that seem therapeutic.

The Design Therapy account shares aesthetically pleasing and oddly satisfying designs. Let us know if these pics make you smile or alleviate your mood by checking out some of their posts in the gallery below.


1. Spectrums Of Light Thread Installations By Gabriel Dawe.


2. “On Water” Designed By Ayse Erkmen.


3. Nello & Patrasche Sculpture Designed By Batist Vermeulen⁣⁠.


4. Sculptures Designed By Lee Sangsoo Artsangsoo.


5. Milk Packaging By Depot_wpf.


6. A Rug Designed By Vanessa Barragao Vanessabarragao_work.


7. Jiang Taigong Tea Bag Holders.


8. Bernie Sanders Crochetlove By Tobeytimecrochet.


9. Cabinet Design By Caleb Woodard Furniture.


10. Teapot Designed By Surglinok.


11. “Ironing Chips” Artwork By Tanaka_tatsuya.


12. The Bouquetpot Designed By Niangui Cai⁠.


13. Periodic Table With Real Elements.


14. Artwork By Amandaharwal0412.


15.  Villa Saraceni Scala Dei Turchi Designed By Creamatelier And Charlottetaylr.


16. The Traditional Style Of the Ming Dynasty. Made Of Porcelain.


17. The Retro Classic Collection from Aziocorp. It combines genuine materials and innovative technology in a vintage-inspired form to inspire your everyday tasks.


18. Flexi-Bike By Hoon Yoon.


19. Macramé Work By Agnes Hansella Macrame_id.


20. Disco Ball Design By Rotganzen.


21. Eye Pod Designed By Rainbowkimono.


22. Street Bin Concept By Moonjoo Jo.


23. Balloon Dog Anatomy Designed By Gummifetus.


24. From Trash To Shirts By Kastlfel.


25. The Round Gardens Designed By Carl Theodor Sorensen.


26. Stained Glass Windows Designed By Harris Armstrong.


27. Trojan Horse Designed By Babis_cloud.


28. The Hug Ring By Richard & Bec.


29. “Broken Things” Ceramic Artworks By Livia Marin.