Everyone knows that Sarah Ferguson despises her father-in-law Prince Philip. After Prince Andrew’s divorce, he uttered bitter comments about his ex-wife. Rumors have it that he is not the only one against the Duchess of York.

It all began when Prince Philip insulted Sarah when she announced the news of the divorce to the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen. Prince told Sarah Ferguson to join commit herself to the loony bin or join the nunnery in case he divorced Prince Andrew.

Sarah Ferguson faces conflict with The Royal Family
Credits: Harper’s Bazaar

Sarah Ferguson revealed in an interview that at some point she was also called pointless and odd by his father-in-law. He has deeply affected her and she was in depression for several years. It turned out to be so bad that she actually started believing that she was a worthless human.

Prince Philip has also called Sarah idiotic after the scandal where a journalist offered her money in exchange for her husband’s private details. Sarah was considered an embarrassment to the monarchy by the Prince after her picture with another man went viral.

Sarah Ferguson faces conflict with The Royal Family
Credits: IB Times UK

It’s not just Prince Philip, but Prince Charles also feels the same about Sarah Ferguson . The Duchess was not even invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011. The Duchess of Wales got an invitation to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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However, she was not a part of the private reception. Prince Charles believes that she was no longer a part of the royal family and there was no point inviting her. Some sources also reveal that the Duchess sided with Princess Diana years ago which could a reason for Prince Charles’ hate for her.

Source: Business Times, Daily Mail