The Galaxy Tab S5e, Samsung’s latest launch has a rather infuriating design flaw. The tablet reportedly loses it’s Wi-Fi connection when the users hold it the wrong way.

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Galaxy Tab S5e and the inherited flaw

Galaxy Tab S5e Problem with Wi-Fi

The flaw is straightforward. If the Galaxy Tab S5e is held in landscape orientation, with the front camera on the left side, the Wi-Fi connection on the device slows down or drops completely. The root of the issue seems to be the location of the Wi-Fi receiver. It is placed in the bottom left corner of the tablet, and the corner is covered by the user’s palm when the tablet is held in landscape mode (with the front camera on the left). This presumably interferes with the working of the receiver.

An obvious makeshift solution is to hold the tablet the other way round, with the camera on the right side, not the left. This will allow the Wi-Fi receiver to operate unhindered. Or, simply use the table in portrait mode.

Samsung has been quick to send out replacements to users affected by the problem. But reports suggest that the issue persists, as it is down to the position of the Wi-Fi receiver, something that a mere software update won’t be able to solve.

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Samsung, despite sending out replacements, still fails to acknowledge the issue, or propose any solutions.

Galaxy Tab s5e faces the same problem as iPhone 4 did in 2010
Credits: Samsung

Rings any bells?

It is worth noting that this issue has occurred in the past, not with Samsung though. It happened all the way back in 2010, with Apple. The iPhone 4 kept losing it’s a wireless connection when held in a certain manner. What followed was a quite an infamous scandal which has its own name; Antennagate.

However, only a few iPhone 4 units were affected by the issue back then, not all of them. Hopefully, the same is the case with the Galaxy Tab S5e as well.