Galaxy Tab S5 will be having some major updates.

Even if the android tablets are not that booming in the market, still Samsung is launching its Galaxy Tab S5 this year. The rumours surrounding it are big but is it still worth it? That is the matter of discussion.

Sony and HTC  have stopped their production of tablets and no new release will happen anytime soon in the markets. This might be just because of Apple iPads or Samsung Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 release date

As per earlier releases of the Samsung Galaxy Tabs, there is no pattern that can be observed. All have been launched at different dates such as Galaxy Tab S4 in August 2018, Galaxy Tab S3 in February 2017 and so on.

Galaxy Tab 5 can be a 11-inch tablet.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 is due this year and major updates are expected. Credits: Mobile Geeks

So how can we predict the release date? Events such WDC and IFA are perfect dates for the launch but Samsung is having Unpacking event. This event is held on February 20 every year.

This can be the launch date for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 to enter into the flagship. But Samsung focuses on smartphones during this event and Galaxy Tab S5 could not be the candidate for this event.

As per the rumours, Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy X are getting launched on this event. Due to the lack of leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 could be launched later this year.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab S5

Samsung has always been up in the game when it comes to pricing if its Galaxy Tab series. They have never been cheap that history speaks.

Current market is all about bezel-less display and that what Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 is all about.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 will have a bezel-less display. Credits: IIFM Web Center

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is for $649 and the new Galaxy Tab S5 could never be cheaper than this. So be ready to empty your pockets if you want this.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 Specs

The Tab S4 introduces some big changes in Samsung’s tablet market. With 10.5-inch display despite the same body size. This time what I guess Samsung is going to give us an 11-inch bezel-less display.

This tablet is going to compete with iPad Pro so needs some x-factor. Other display features include a 1600 x 2560 resolution with 16:10 aspect ratio. This is all I know about the display.

Now coming to the processor, it is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. This is the latest processor which sources suggest Samsung is using. But I would not put my money on a 4 GB  RAM and 64 GB memory storage if that what Samsung is offering this time.

The DeX sofware will have a update and better UI experience.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 will have a better DeX experience. Credits: Tech Radar

I would be delighted with Samsung is bundling its keyboard with the Galaxy Tab 5. But until an official announcement by Samsung, it is an accessory.

But rather than concentrating on the hardware, we should focus on how Samsung would be improving its software. We definitely need a replacement to PC.

Hence, Samsung would be making changes to the DeX accessibility making it better for a desktop replacement.

I would be updating the article as soon as something new arises related to Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

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