Samsung Galaxy S10+ might be one of the best phones you can buy right now, but recent reports suggest that it is plagued with a serious issue.

Reports point out that your phones signal strength can vary on the basis of cellular connection, connected frequency, and phone case can cause serious signal strength issues. Many users have reported on several forums like Reddit, AndroidCentral and Samsung official forum have reported this.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10+ users facing constant issues

A user named Farroq reports that he is experiencing call drops on every call. It should be noted that Farroq is from India which suggests that this issue could be affecting devices worldwide.

Another user states that problem is not only weak signal but complete loss of signal even when UI shows full bars there is no connection to the network.

Simply put signal strength on Samsung Galaxy S10+ is weaker in comparison to other devices.

Devices with specific carriers like Sprint are suffering more from the signal deterioration. Even users of AT&T and T-Mobile faced a sudden drop in signal strength.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Signal Strength Test

Android Police ran some test to find out the truth and they noticed a signal strength difference of 13db. Users on Band 12 of AT&T faced more issues when compared to Band 2 of T-Mobile.

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Samsung Galaxy S10+
Credit: Android Police

Android Police also pointed out that Samsung Galaxy S10+ got a weaker signal than OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel 3 and if the device is holding the device in a particular orientation results in a signal drop.

What is the fix?

Some enthusiast has been able to fix these issues on Sprint carrier by disabling Band 41 and 24 on the device by utilizing a hidden data programming menu.

However, this fix is specific to Sprint only which suggest that other carrier might be suffering from other technical difficulties. Sprint device support library claims that they will fix this issue via a software patch.

There is no official statement from Samsung but considering the severity of the situation, Samsung should be working on a fix.

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