Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be the biggest and the best phone to come out this year. While Samsung has already launched its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy 10 series, hardcore fans are waiting for Galaxy Note 10.

Even though there are a few months left until its release date, we already have plenty of information about it. Thanks to the leaks and reports, here is everything we know about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phones (so far).

Design and Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date

Samsung Galaxy Note phones are all about design. Each year the screen size increased except the handset length. Following the same concept, Samsung has made Galaxy Note 10 their biggest display device of all time. The new Infinity-O design could be implemented into the new Galaxy Note 10 to make the screen display enriched.

Galaxy Note 10 is supposed to have a 6.7-inch bezel-less screen. There will also be a smaller 6.28-inch screen variant. An aspect ratio of 19:9 with 3040 x 1440 pixels resolution is set to display for the new phone.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera

One of the biggest upgrades that this phone will provide over regular Galaxy S10 phones are enhanced Camera systems. Galaxy S10+ boasts a triple rear camera set up at the back. One might think ‘What could be bigger than that?’

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Well, Samsung is going to knock it out of the park with its new Quad lens rear cameras. Yes, you heard it right! There will be four cameras at the back of the Galaxy Note 10. There are also some reports saying that it will use the new Samsung 64 MP ISOCELL image sensor

Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date

As per the new leaks, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is being called with the name ‘da Vinci’ in the making. The term was derived from Leonardo da Vinci, a 16th-century painter famous for his detail-oriented paintings. It could suggest that the S-pen on the phone will totally be upgraded.

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The technical specs of Galaxy Note 10 are going to get a major boost as per the reports. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor will surely be for a super fast functionality. Also, it will use the Exynos 9825 chipset for improved battery life and connectivity.

Price and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 price

Samsung Galaxy Note series would have a total of four different phones depending on screen size and network type. There will be a smaller size, Galaxy Note 10e, in which it would have slightly lower specs as compared to regular Galaxy Note 10. Also, both the Note 10 will have a regular and a 5G Variant too.

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There are no solid reports on the exact price for Galaxy Note 10 series, but given the price of Note 9, we can easily speculate that. While the previous version of the Galaxy Note was priced at $999/€899, the latest will have its price increased. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 price could easily start around from $1199/€999.

Samsung would definitely wait for the regular Galaxy S10 series to make an impact in the market before any new flagship launch. Current reports put the release date of the phone somewhere around August 2019. Galaxy Note 9 series was launched the same time during last year.

User WishlistSamsung Galaxy Note 10 release date

While all the information revealed about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be taken as a grain of salt, there are still details that are yet to be known. Since Galaxy Note 10 series features a big screen and a powerful display, Samsung users want the highest power capacity battery. A big battery having 5000-6000 mAh power would be a boon with the given powerful chipset.

Samsung users would also like the headphone jack removed for a slimmer body design along with beautiful elegant looks. A self-healing screen to avoid any scratch marks from using the S-pen for a longer time. Along with that, the new curved screen edges would be nice for comfortably holding this flagship phone.