Samsung Galaxy Android Pie update

The Android 9 Pie update was available to Samsung Galaxy flagships just after a few days of its original release.

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Samsung has always been a powerful name along with the Android smartphone market due to the highest selling smartphone brand. It is the sole reason why Samsung Galaxy devices are some of the first phones to receive any new Android updates.

Most of the Samsung Galaxy phones are already updated or under process to get the Android Pie. Samsung phones are also getting monthly security updates from Google. While the last update was a bit problematic, the latest June patch is out to fix the previous issues.

June Pie Update will Fix the Bugs

Samsung Galaxy Android Pie update

Last month, Samsung released the May Android Pie patch updates for their Galaxy series smartphones. The original intention of the updates was to improve the night mode of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ camera. But, it brought many bugs causing the mobile phones to behave abruptly, with battery drain and other issues.

Many of the Samsung Galaxy users started complaining and Samsung was quick to respond. Within a few days, Samsung rolled out the June security patch updates for their Android Pie running phones, It has almost fixed all the bugs and Samsung Galaxy phones are once again running smoothly.

Future of Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung Galaxy Android Pie update

It is confirmed by Samsung that most of its newer phones will get the Android Pie updates and those left will receive normal security patches and minor updates. Samsung is trying to fast track the update process so that all of its phones can be ready for Android Q beta. Google has already rolled out Android 10 beta update for selected phones and no Samsung device has still gotten it. When the upcoming Android is released to the public, Samsung doesn’t want to sit behind, it will update its devices as soon as possible.