Samsung Galaxy S10 bugs issues problems

Samsung always makes sure that its users are having the latest software updates and the newest Android version. It always releases monthly updates to enhance device performance. A new Android update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series was released last month. Instead of new features, the update has brought trouble for the users.

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The update which was supposed to fix the issues has filled Galaxy S10 and S10+ phones with new bugs. Let us see the problems faced by users and what are they saying about it.

Galaxy S10/S10+ Update Issues

Samsung Galaxy S10 Android update issues bugs

Samsung Galaxy S10 series is the latest flagship from the South Korean company and has one of the best smartphones out now. It is already running on Android Pie and receiving additional updates. While the new update was released for fixing the night mode of Galaxy S10 camera, it had several adverse effects too.

But instead, it has created its own problems, for instance, battery drain to phone freezing. Here are the major complaints from Samsung Galaxy S10 users after the new Android update.

User complaints on Social Media

Samsung Galaxy S10 issues problems update Android

Since the end of the month May, users have been complaining about the Samsung May update. The update has made the phone worse instead of improving the night mode. Galaxy S10 and S10+ users have shared their complaints on social media. However, we hope that Samsung take notes of it and fixes the issues.

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Along with that, it has also been reported that Samsung has launched another new update to fix the issues. Therefore, our advice to all Samsung users is that you should wait for a stable update release. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Samsung Galaxy S10 series updates and other news.