Some of the most entitled human beings on this planet are defined by the female archetype. They are as ignorant as they are annoying because of their fame. The restaurant owner knows it.

A story was posted on r/ProRevenge about how he greeted a group of young women at his restaurant. The owner is a personal friend of the main Karen. The man had no idea who she was and the leader of the group did not plan to tone it down.

The owner realized that he had three choices after being belittling and nasty. Give them a table, or teach them a lesson. The author of this post decided to play along with the last option and get his revenge in the best way possible. The whole story should be read.


A group of women gave the restaurant owner the world’s nastiest attitude.


Here’s the full story.


The leader of the group tried to get in without a reservation.


The author came up with a plan to teach the Karen.


Then the moment. The bill.


He followed a clean approach and showed these brats their place.


Later, Karen’s dad came to speak to the owner.


Some people think they deserve more than others. They think that they are in control and can do whatever they please. They are just plain annoying more often than not. Talking down to people, taking mocking pictures, or threatening to get others fired are some of the things that plague client-focused businesses.

Foodservice workers are taught that the customer is always right. This could not be more wrong. Customer entitlement at restaurants is at an all-time high according to Food & Wine. This is a big issue in the industry that makes workers feel unsafe.

It seems that this horrible customer behavior has worsened since the epidemic began, because impatience regarding wait times, name-calling, frustration over limited seating and menu options, and disregard for safety protocols are being recorded more and more often.

Food & Wine was told by a server that they are expected to provide customers with above-and-beyond service even if they are abusive: “It makes us feel like we are not allowed to have the expectation of being treated like a person.”

If a person is throwing a fit when the service does not meet their personal expectations and the establishment does not stand up to it, the restaurant business might start to seem like a one-way street. People tend to forget that a restaurant is a place for people to stay.

Alexander Kjerulf, the author of The Chief Happiness Officer Blog, was reached out to discuss the “customer is always right” mentality. Some customers seem to be getting worse.

“Especially in America, there’s been an increase in entitled belligerent jerks who think they can get whatever they want if they yell loud enough about it.” The boss has the job of dealing with such customers: “They’re bad for business, they cost a lot of time and money and they will never be happy no matter what you give them.”

“In fact, if you give in this time, they’ll be back soon with even stupider demands,” Kjerulf added. “On top of that, it feels deeply unfair to see the worst customers get the most benefits through the brattiest behavior.”


Many Redditors appreciated the guy’s efforts.