Imagine getting up one day and finding out that your roommate has been getting all the cuddles and affection from your cat. That will cause jealousy within you. This is what happened when a man confessed that his cat wasn’t giving him any affection. The cat was getting along with his roommate. He thought his cat would just go out at night and he would get annoyed when the cat doesn’t come home until morning, but he didn’t know that the cat was spending the nights with his roommate.

You know that you can buy a cat, but the cat will decide if it accepts you or not. It must sting a lot to know that your cat is getting along with someone else. The people who spend the most time with the cats will get the most attention. Cats choose humans. Maybe the owner needs to spend more time with his cat. It is cool that the roommate and the cat have a good relationship. “But if I were the owner I would have either gotten rid of the roommate or, perhaps I would have gotten him a new cat. Regardless of what the owner decides to do that cat is pretty damn lucky to have such great roommates who care so much.”

If our pets were cold to us but warm to someone else, we would be distraught. That is what happened in this apartment. One of the users on the social networking site Twitter said that his roommate has a cat and whines about how bad she is. She has been sleeping on his bed, getting hugs, rather than her owner’s bed. What if it was your pet? The replies were hilarious, and this sparked a lot of discussions. Take a look at it.


1. This housemate always complains about her cat.


2. There are some cats having secret affairs.


3. Good question.


4. Only cats get to choose their hooman.


5. Achievement unlocked: Get Cat Ownership.


6. Is it true that the cat thieves are considered real heroes?


Many people have horror stories about their housemates. You can’t afford to live without them, but you can’t afford to live with them. If your roommates snore excessively and make you sound like an old dog, it might be difficult to share your space. What if you discovered that your roommate liked your pet more than you? That sounds like our biggest fear. Right?


7. That’s a nice idea.


8. This cat’s worth stealing.


9. Getting cuddles from a furry friend.


10. Just imagine.


11. “Take your cat with you.”


12. Just so hilarious.


Do you have a cat that cuddles with your neighbors? Did you experience a similar situation?