Robert Irwin is making people on TikTok fall in love with him after his classy response to an Australia Zoo visitor shooting her shot and trying to get his number.

Robert Irwin has heard fans compare him to his father both online and in person. It’s not as if these comparisons come out of nowhere since he has shown himself to have the same adventurous spirit as Steve.

When people make that comparison, they don’t always talk about the fact that he cheerfully navigates potentially dangerous situations with animals. They’re talking about how nice he is to people and animals.

In a recent TikTok, Irwin provided a perfect example of the behavior people expect of him when a young woman asks him an uncomfortable question.


On June 14, a woman named Megan Grass uploaded a video to TikTok that was filmed during a show at the Australia Zoo.

When Grass told him that she had sent him a message the night before, he was so shocked that he asked for her name and promised to look her up.

The exchange was a hit with viewers, who mostly commented on the messages, “Bro (in the most polite way) said ‘no.'”

Others appreciated the inventive excuse of saying that his phone number is “hit or miss”.


Indeed, his efforts to let her down gently resonated with Grass’s viewers, one of whom said, “He’s just like his dad so sweet and precious.”

And Grass was clearly pleasantly surprised by the exchange as well, saying, “The people who are commenting on my TikTok are telling me that I was rejected in the sweetest way possible, which I agree.”